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Frequently Asked Questions

Your Emissions Test Center

What is test only smog?

A test only smog is a regular smog inspection done at a facility that can not do repairs. This simply takes away the conflict of interest that a smog repair center has of selling repairs and/or parts. This insures you are getting the fairest test possible.

My vehicle is not required to go to a test only center. Can you test my vehicle?

Yes. We are unrestricted so we are allowed to test any vehicle for smog and a large number of our customers choose us over test and repair to do their smog inspection because they don't want to be sold extras that may not be needed.

What if my vehicle fails ?

If your vehicle fails we offer great discounts on retest (restrictions apply). This gives you time to choose a certified smog repair shop that is required to staff a certified smog repair technician. These shops have the knowledge and equipment to fix your vehicle to the proper standards. Also you may be eligible to receive money to repair (up to $500) or retire the vehicle from service($1000).

What work should be done to get my vehicle ready for the smog check?

To protect your wallet always have your vehicle smog checked before any repairs are made. We have found that most people who make repairs before the test, take their vehicle to an unqualified mechanic who spends your money on needless and unknowledgeable repairs. Don't throw your money away on the mechanics boat payment.

My registration is past due. What if my vehicle fails?

Our failed inspection report can be taken to the DMV or AAA (must be member) where you can pay the registration fees and receive an extension so you can legally drive the vehicle while you get the repairs completed.

Why are smog checks important?

The state of California has vehicle emissions laws enacted as a requirement for DMV renewal and the sale of cars at the time of transfer or vehicle title change. We offer emissions testing and certification at our test only center located at 1616 Oakdale Rd. Suite #1 Modesto, CA 95355. Call us today to inquire more information on our testing center, certification or discounts and coupons available as well as directions for your convenience. No appointments are necessary.